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future shock

May 24, 2008

I lay in the bath this evening, bubbles on, eating chocolate, wondering what happy thoughts I could conjure up. A man?  Hmmmm. 

No husband / partner / BFF of the male variety at present. Nobody I have an obligation to think about first before moving on the fun stuff. I can think happy thoughts that involve anyone I damn well like. So who will it be? 

This is where it gets weird.

My current fantasy man is part this:

Spike Spiegel


And part this:

Mt Big


I’m thinking this is a turning point. I have hit a whole new level of unattainable man -anime meets tv fiction. So I’ve had a bit of a crush on Spike Spiegel for years, but to actually put him in the role of ‘hot hunk’ – and then to combine him with Mr Big……..WTF? 

I am looking into the future……. give me a few more years, a few more cats (current cat count: 2), and this will be me:

But in Second Life or some other not-IRL place I’ll be this:

sex fairy


And Iiving out all my Spike/Mr Big fantasies…………

And SO NOT thinking about what he looks like IRL!!