future shock

I lay in the bath this evening, bubbles on, eating chocolate, wondering what happy thoughts I could conjure up. A man?  Hmmmm. 

No husband / partner / BFF of the male variety at present. Nobody I have an obligation to think about first before moving on the fun stuff. I can think happy thoughts that involve anyone I damn well like. So who will it be? 

This is where it gets weird.

My current fantasy man is part this:

Spike Spiegel


And part this:

Mt Big


I’m thinking this is a turning point. I have hit a whole new level of unattainable man -anime meets tv fiction. So I’ve had a bit of a crush on Spike Spiegel for years, but to actually put him in the role of ‘hot hunk’ – and then to combine him with Mr Big……..WTF? 

I am looking into the future……. give me a few more years, a few more cats (current cat count: 2), and this will be me:

But in Second Life or some other not-IRL place I’ll be this:

sex fairy


And Iiving out all my Spike/Mr Big fantasies…………

And SO NOT thinking about what he looks like IRL!!

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2 Comments on “future shock”

  1. Ooooh can I have the shoes???

    I am aspiring to be like the mad cat lady but there is one thing that stands in my way…. I don’t like cats.

    But I suppose I can put up with them long enough to hurl them at unsuspecting passers by. I already have the cackle mastered.

    Oh, and my fantasy man? Hugh Laurie. As House, NOT in Stuart Little cause that is just gross.

  2. kittypstar Says:

    Magneto Bold Too: Sure you can have the shoes. Swap you for a pair of boots.
    And you’ll probably be much better at hurling cats if you don’t like them. Especially those fuckers that fight outside your bedroom window at 4am. You can be known as the crazy cat hurling lady with kickass shoes.

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