the end of an unhealthy relationship

So I’ve been meaning to end it for about the last 3 years. Talked about it a few times, thought about it a lot more. Finally did it. The gutless way – I sent an email.

I want out.

I missed the first call, listened to the message, didn’t call back.

The second call caught me by surprise. ‘But it’s been six years….’

“I know, it’s not you, it’s me’ I replied. (How lame is that?)

‘I want to do other things, you’re holding me back. I’m stuck in this huge rut, and I can’t see a way out of it while you’re in my home. I need my space back.’ 

“Well, let’s keep in touch……a phone call every so often?”

‘That would be nice.’ I lied. ‘How about you call around Christmas? Things might be different then.’ (Not likely.)

And that was it. Done. Over.

As of 11 August, my Austar subscription ends. (AKA cable, Foxtel, the only thing worth watching on the box.)

I am grieving. I’ll miss it terribly. But I know, in time, I will rebuild my life. Better, stronger.

I could end up like Alex Blagg.

He has read the whole internet like four times.  

I’ll let you know how I go with that. With the extra 16 hours each day that I won’t be watching Austar, I just might do it.

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6 Comments on “the end of an unhealthy relationship”

  1. Girl, we broke up with Austar 2 years ago. After like 10 years. They are still calling and begging us to come back.

    But we don’t watch TV anymore anyway. It is all about the internetz

  2. kittypstar Says:

    Don’t you hate it when your ex gets all needy and begs?

    My boy says, ‘I’m gonna watch Bleach on the internets’. Then I don’t see him for three days, cos he’s not watching an episode, he’s watching every episode of every series back to back.

  3. Moo just got the DVD’s of Bleach yesterday from a friend. She was all “squeeee” and I was all “watch that crap in your own damn room”

  4. kittypstar Says:

    I’m with Moo on this one – the ringtone on my phone is a song from Bleach!

  5. I nearly weakened when they offered to give me the sports channel for FREE for a couple of months.. but I was strong, Gah.. I miss the sports channel…
    cheers Kim

  6. kittypstar Says:

    And the Olympics are about to start……
    The food channel is the one I’ll really miss. I just love love seeing other people cook.

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