random is as random does

There was a random killing in my house this morning. Or to be more correct, a body was disposed of in the house – the actual killing probably took place outside.

I found feathers on my bedroom floor, and two possible cat culprits trying to implicate each other. 

The old cat would fail a bird recognition test. Absolutely no reaction to twittery, feathery things.

The baby goes all Hannibal Lecter at the sight of birds through the window. Mad chattery teeth and manic stares. He therefore wears a dirty great noisy bell around his neck. And he’s little and innocent. And mostly inside the house.

So there they were, both at the crime scene, sniffing at the feathers ON MY BEDROOM FLOOR, giving each other, ‘Holy shit, look what you’ve done’ looks. Bastards.

They have besmirched their impeccable reputations. They can share the guilt. There will be a bedroom ban from now on.

And before I forget, I’d just better go check under the bed for partially dismembered corpses.

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2 Comments on “random is as random does”

  1. or INSIDE the bed. All Godfather like…

  2. kittypstar Says:

    A friend’s cat used to do that. With spiders. Mostly dead, but not always.

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